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The Age of Persuasive Tech.

It’s hard to unplug from your phone. Snap streaks, candy crush, mate’s daily drama, there’s so much to see it’s hard to pause or you’ll miss out. We know. We’ve made some of the epic games and apps that you can’t put down and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

How can I get my parents off my back?

If you live in a house where parental controls or monitoring your phone is the norm, chances are you’ve got parents freaked about too much screen time and what it’ll do to your brain.

Is it okay for them to take my phone away and put time curfews on me, especially when they’re on it too? We hung out with some families to figure out why there’s so much stress in the house and, using our gaming brains, whether there was anything we could that would help smooth things out.

Mum: “It drives us crazy when our children consume 50% of our monthly GBs in the first week. They won’t even come down at dinner time and no idea what time they go to sleep!”

Me: “I know the risks. It’s not okay to spy on me, it makes me uncomfortable”.

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“Goozby helped me take charge of my phone, take breaks and win epic rewards!”

Gemma, 15 yrs

Take control, don’t be controlled!

We’re a small but super passionate team based in London. We’re building a responsible and ethical tech company where you can enjoy tech and protect your digital wellbeing at the same time. Smombie Apocalypse over.

Goozby’s mission is to put you in charge of your own phone and tablet habits.

Use it to help you:

  • Get away from the drama online when you want to

  • Get your parents off your back

  • Get rewarded for a healthy tech diet by your favourite brands

  • Get your parents to practise what they preach!

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We really hope Goozby makes a difference to your life. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in Goozby we’d love to hear from you email us