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There is a widely reported STEM skills gap in the UK. Getting children engaged in technical subjects from an early age is one way to improve the situation. Victoria Gregory, Benjamin Gunn and Jodi Kelly from KidZania London discuss how role play can stimulate interest in STEM related subjects and careers, as well as improve the wellbeing of children.

Mental health

Mental health problems affect about one in 10 children and young people, according to the Mental Health Foundation. And a new study by NurtureUK found that one in four children have hidden social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, which shows it is not always obvious from the outside which pupils are suffering.

A new report from the Association of Play Industries (API) has shown a strong link between screen time and children’s inactivity, with children choosing to spend hours indoors and on screens instead of playing outside.

The report ‘Movement for Movement’ reveals that children have never moved so little and points to evidence that screens are a key reason.

There has been a 50 per cent increase in children’s discretionary screen time (DST) in less than a decade. By the age of eight, the average child will have spent one full year sitting in front of a screen.

The Association of Play Industries’ is now calling upon the government to issue an official recommendation of two hours discretionary screen time per day for children.

“With constant developments in technology, we know that screens are very much part of the now and future of children,” Jodi says. “It is important then, that teaching healthy habits within this area remains in focus. That’s why we’ve started working with Goozby, a new app that offers kids enticing rewards for time offline. It’s still in its development phase, so kids in our city are lending a helping hand with beta testing, to make sure it’s user-friendly to children on its release.”

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Jodi Kelly, business development manager (education), KidZania London

Jodi has more than nine years’ experience both teaching and working directly with teachers across the UK through Explore Learning’s education support centres. She promotes KidZania London’s education programme when visiting schools and attending education events.