Parent’s Guide to Goozby


Thanks for checking out our parent’s guide to Goozby. As parents ourselves we fully appreciate how important it is to take an active interest in how our young people spend their time online and we encourage all parents to do the same.

Fighting with your kids over tech overuse sucks

Our mission is to empower young people to develop their own healthy digital habits. We believe young people are capable of managing their own screen use so we focus on building early habit forming and providing the tools to navigate screen use. With 79% of parents arguing with their children over tech overuse, Goozby is your communication tool, to help establish fair rules that everyone can play by, and build trust in the parent-child relationship. A welcome alternative to parental controls or blackout techniques.

Goozby is the first app to reward young people for balancing their device habits.

Offering young people the fun experience of a game that encourages you to level up and earn rewards but without the need to stay on your phone or tablet all day.

How much screentime is too much?

There are a ton of mixed message reports in the media around screen use. What the public are not made party to is who funds these studies and reports - often large media platforms that are able to control the rhetoric. UK regulation, that requires transparency and data sharing (as with the telecoms, gambling and energy industries) to measure true impact, is yet to be developed for digital media and smartphones, ie: Ofcom for example does not have the power to require online platforms to share high-level data with the regulator. Read the full House of Commons Science and Technology report here

For parents this just creates added confusion.

The answer is balance (warning: some bedtime reading below!)

Having spoken with hundreds of families and health professionals, who are seeing first hand the impact excessive screen use can have on children in their care, it’s safe to say adopting balanced use guidelines is a good measure in any household. It’s also worth noting screen use can be engaging (coding, reading, brain training games) or passive/sedentary (mindless scrolling on social media, bingeing on autoplay videos) so more engaging use is better for you than sedentary consumption.

The UK Chief Medical Officer (CMO) concludes there is enough basis to warrant a precautionary approach. The CMO has now published a report, in February 2019, giving advice on how to have a healthy balance with screen time. This is based on evidence around the importance of key activities important for healthy child development such as sleep, exercise and education, citing links between addictive/overuse with depression, anxiety, behaviour and self esteem issues. The government supports this advice, which is included in the Online Harms White Paper, encourages children and parents to adopt balance.

Goozby takes the pressure off parental nagging by helping nudge young people to take healthy screen breaks, and be rewarded.

Filling the knowledge gap with guidelines is something we’re passionate about, and we’re working with some of the leading research institutes in this area to understand young people’s device behaviour so watch this space as we establish clearer guidelines on screen balance.


How does Goozby work?


Meet Goozby - the loveable digital trainer you create and customise.  Once created, your Goozby helps you stay on track and achieve the things you want to get done, it rewards you when you meet your challenges with exclusive goodies like Goozby upgrades and even swimming lessons or a family day out.

Use it to help:

  • Get back more sleep

  • Take healthy breaks

  • Avoid anxiety and addictive phone checking

  • Learn healthy digital habits for life

Oh and it’s not just helping young people. We check our phones 85 times a day on average. Parents need a helping hand too so look forward to seeing you on the app too!

For more details check out our FAQ page here.


Designed by Young People

We’ve been building Goozby with 1000’s of young people across the past year. We want them to be at the heart of our app.

We’re not just online. We also visit schools and colleges with GoozbyTalks Workshops to help young people take charge of their own digital wellbeing. If you’d like us to visit your child’s school ask them to register their interest on our GoozbyTalks page here.

Who's it for?

Goozby is for everyone and the experience is personalised to your age. If your child is 8 years and above they will appreciate it most as it’s when they start using their phones and tablets independently.

Keeping your child safe

It’s important to us that Goozby delivers on our responsible technology mission. We take ethics and compliance very seriously.

We adhere to the GDPRK guidelines on data protection.  This is a detailed set of guidelines, specifically focused on data protection for Under 13s.  We never share your data with any third parties.

We are ethical by design. We don’t ask for any identifiable data from your child such as names, addresses or contact details. We don’t have any social chat enabled features within the app and we are upfront when we do ask for anything. We believe young people should be in control of their own data and not share it unnecessarily.

Thank you for reading our Parent's guide.  If you have any questions or feedback at all, please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.  

Help us in our mission to empower young people to build healthy digital habits, for life!

The Goozby Team x