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Want Goozby to visit your school or college? Ask your teacher to fill out the info below and we’ll pop by.

GoozbyTalks make you sit up and take charge of your own wellbeing. Co-designed with young people, our workshops are 45 min interactive sessions that look under the bonnet at the technology we’re using, unhook addictive design, unpick social validation, challenge FOMO and figure how to get your parents on board when you’re trying to level up.  

  • Available to Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK

  • Bookings now open for Autumn 2019. Pricing on request

  • Free early access to the Goozby App for participating schools

(e.g. Headteacher)

“I was getting 300 whatsapps a day. It was stressing me out!“ - Janine*, 14 yrs

“I can’t stop playing. When do I go to sleep? 2am” - George*, 13 yrs

“Goozby has supported parents too in the 'fight' to reduce screentime”  - L Giverin, Deputy Head, London School

*young people’s names have been changed