How it works

Goozby is your little but wise digital trainer. Make one to help you stay on track, get stuff done and earn rewards!

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The Goozby App FAQ’s

Is the Goozby App Free?
Goozby is free to play and all rewards are free too

Why can’t I find Goozby in the App store?
We’re busy building Goozby and it’s nearly ready. We’re currently inviting Beta testers on board so we can make sure everything works perfectly. Join the waitlist to test drive the Goozby App, and look out for your VIP invite, before it hits the App Store!

Why do you ask for location data?
We access your location while you use the app as it's the only way to provide you with key features like tracking your screen use accurately, reminding you to do your challenges and knowing when to reward you. This information is not stored anywhere, not sent to any server and not shared with anyone.

How does the app affect my phone battery?
Goozby needs to run in the background to work, so has some impact on battery life. It still uses way less than Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp and other popular apps. Across a 7 day period it used 4% battery on an iphone 6s (on in the background for 84.9 hrs). Be prepared to charge in the afternoon and close down some other apps to save battery life - but you'll be used to that if you've got apps like Pokemon Go (it’s typical battery life is 2 hrs and 10 mins).

How do I get my hands on some awesome rewards?
Leave that in the hands of your Goozby. It will help you complete challenges and unlock juicy rewards. Join the waitlist to be first on board.